Adult Parties

Birthdays, Engagements, Baby Showers ,  Anniversaries, Kitchen Teas

These are just some of the reasons to celebrate,.

We will make you custom decor, invites, gifts and cakes to add a personal touch it your celebration,    or we can arrange the whole party for you

Please have a look at ourAdult Cake and our Adult Party Decor  galleries to see some of our past work

Children's Parties

Our children grow up so fast so dont let a birthday go by without celebrating!

We will make you custom decor to fit in with your theme, no more cheesy character plastic table cloths and plates, We take all the popular themes and give them a twist, never again will you have the same party as your friends,. add a gorgeous custom cake for an even bigger WOW!

Please have a look at our Children's Cake and our Children's Decor galleries to see some of our past work


Special Occasions are ment to be celebrated, whether it is your sons 1st birthday or your best friend is having a baby or your parents are having an anniversary, make it a magical memorable party